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What Powers Our Solution

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What Powers Our Solution

In-depth data analysis and data driven decisions to boost targeted KPIs

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Technical Debt Handling

Team of senior Unity devs with high adaptability, can take up any codebase

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Roadmap Execution

Design and develop entire roadmap iterative through data driven sprints

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Flexible Team Scaling

Ramp up the project team when needed to increase bandwidth

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Past Learnings

We leverage our years of learnings from successes and failures

Our Complete LiveOps Expertise


Game Analysis

  • Deconstruction of games, art style, monetization, etc
  • Understand audience
  • Review competitors


Data Analysis

  • Analyze game KPIs (e.g. retention, playtime, funnels, churn analysis, LTV, ARPU, etc)
  • Meaningful interpretation of data
  • Identify improvement areas


KPI Driven Game Design

  • Set KPI targets
  • High impact design propositions for targeted KPIs
  • Focus on improving monetization, retention, level funnels, playtime, etc


Product Management

  • End-to-end product ownership
  • Product alignment with KPIs targets
  • Backlog maintenance
  • Devise product strategies
  • Game production


Game Development

  • Agile sprints
  • Game design, art & engineering
  • Software architecture design
  • QA


A/B Testing

  • Define A/B test hypotheses
  • ROI-first approach (low effort, high impact tests first)
  • Product alignment based on test results


Data Driven Decisions

  • Analyse KPIs after each test (improvements/degradation)
  • Leverage past lessons
  • Trends analysis


Product Housekeeping

  • Technical debt management
  • 3rd-party SDK integration & updates
  • Code refactoring
  • Project optimisation
  • App store compatibility


Game LiveOps

  • Player segmentation
  • Dynamic IAP & RV offers
  • Live events calendar
  • In-game messaging